Saturday, October 12, 2013

Resurrection Church - A New Adventure

In April I announced that Amber and I would be planting a new missional community here in Jupiter.  For the past five months, we have been meeting with 10 others laying a foundation for our community, dreaming together, and praying.  It's been hard work and I can say without a doubt, the Kingdom of God truly has its own timetable!  Last month we began meeting for worship at the Jupiter Worship Center at 4:30 on Sunday afternoons.  Very soon, we will be starting an Alpha class.  News and events will be posted on our facebook page

So the question that everyone asks when a new church is started, "Why bother?  Aren't there enough churches in the area already?"  In one sense, yes, there are enough churches.  The market is saturated with places to go on Sunday morning.  You can pick your denomination, style, theology, favorite pastor.  That's great if you already have the value of belonging to a worshipping community.  But there are thousands upon thousands of people who for whatever reason will never "try out a church".  There are also countless others who simply don't feel worthy or are able to come to a church service.  

Missional communities are designed to be nimble and adaptable.  It is very easy for churches to become distracted by the "vessel" and forget the "treasure".  The treasure is Jesus and his Kingdom; everything else must bow the knee.  The idea behind a missional community is to pursue Jesus and live in his Kingdom together in a simple, elegant way that leaves time for the stuff of real life among real people.  Jesus may have began his ministry preaching in the synagogue, but his first followers were found while they were out fishing.

So Rez Church Jupiter wants to challenge the way people think about church.  We want to go overboard when it comes to love.  We want to see the gospel preached with our feet and hands, not just our mouths.  We want to experience God's grace - not as a one time event - but grace like food and water.  If you live in the Jupiter / Tequesta / Palm Beach Gardens area and this sounds interesting to you, please send me a note.  We'd love to meet you!